Degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources

2023/2024 · 240 credits


The Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources aims to specialist training in the defense and advice of workers and businessmen, with a broad legal branch and a deepening in the Labour Law and Social Security. Another branch of economic and technical character, with special attention to the vision of the corporate subsystem of human resources, not to mention the global vision of the company, both from an internal and external vision, with all the economic exogenous factors that have influence on the enterprise system. Finally, a sociological branch without which we would not have a complete vision of the exciting world of labour relations.

We offer you an exciting training project, both from a personal and professional point of view. It is our hope that you make the most of all the resources that we will put in your hands and that will allow you to become a highly qualified professional.

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This study renewed its accreditation on 12 December 2023.


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Offered place for academic course 2023/2024

Why study

If you consider that the labour relations and human resources are a fundamental activity at individual and collective levels and that they play a decisive role in the quality of people’s life and the proper functioning of enterprises and organizations, the Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources offers you the right tools to develop a multidisciplinary perspective, essential for future leaders of the world of work.

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Starting academic year 2009/2010
Last update/verification ACSUG date 19/06/2009
Authorization Xunta Council date 27/08/2009
Authorization DOG publication date 16/09/2009
Official BOE publication date 05/01/2010
DOG syllabus publication date 18/05/2010
BOE syllabus publication date 26/04/2010