Master´s Degree in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

2024/2025 · 60 credits


The Master's Degree in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability is taught at the Ferrol Polytechnic School of Engineering (EPEF) on the Esteiro Campus. The EPEF was born in 2021 as a result of the merger of the city's two engineering schools, the Polytechnic University School and the Higher Polytechnic School, with more than 50 years of experience in training in the field of engineering.

The Master has the possibility of taking it in non-classroom modality (on-line), it is international in nature and offers the possibility of obtaining a double degree with the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança - Portugal.

The studies can be carried out in a single academic year and the degree is obtained after passing 60 ECTS. The distribution by credits according to the type of subjects is as follows:

  • 27 ECTS - 6 compulsory subjects
  • 21 ECTS - 7 optional subjects
  • 3 ECTS - Internships in companies
  • 9 ECTS - Master's Thesis

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Offered place for academic course 2024/2025

Why study

The fundamental objective of the Master is the training of specialized graduates within the field of energy efficiency and sustainability, trying to respond to the demands that will arise in the labor market, as a consequence of the development of the regulatory framework related to energy efficiency and the sustainable development goals.

Royal Decree 56/2016, of February 12, aims to promote and promote actions to be carried out within a framework of sustainability in energy consumption processes that can contribute to:

  • The saving and efficiency of the primary energy consumed.
  • Optimize the energy demand of the installation, equipment or energy-consuming systems.
  • Have a sufficient number of competent and reliable professionals in order to ensure the effective and timely application of regulations and/or regulations.
  • In addition, the Royal Decree offers the possibility for students of this Master to be directly accredited as energy service providers.

The great growth of the international and European energy sector in recent years is committed to a better use of energy, as well as its generation from non-polluting sources for the environment and always in a context of sustainability. In response to social, political and economic demands, there is a great demand for professionals with high-level training in these areas, but also with a high level of demand in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge, only attainable through postgraduate university studies.

The Renewable Energy Action Plans, both national and international, predict a highly competitive and specialized growing labor market in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability for the future.

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Starting academic year 2022/2023
Last update/verification ACSUG date 27/06/2022
Authorization Xunta Council date 27/07/2022
Authorization DOG publication date 10/08/2022
Official BOE publication date 28/10/2022
DOG syllabus publication date 06/07/2023
BOE syllabus publication date 10/07/2023