PhD Marine Sciences, Technology and Management (DOMAR)



Students who meet some of the criteria listed in Article 15 of the UDC PhD Policies and Regulations will be able to access to UDC PhD programmes.


Candidates matching one of the general entry requirements for PhD students will be assessed in accordance with the specific criteria and merits for each programme. Information relating to application procedures and requirements are included in the programme structure for each course.

The decision to offer a student a place on a UDC PhD programme is the result of an application-specific evaluation process, and does not affect the academic or professional status of the candidate’s existing qualifications.

See also UDC PhD Policies and Regulations, Article 16: Applications.

10 places offered in academic year 2020/2021

Recommended profile of admission

Students may come from different degree programs provided that they are consistent with the objectives and scope of the program—clearly focused on the marine environment. Especially recommended are Degrees in Marine Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science. Also welcome are Degrees in Economics and Business Administration, Law, Sociology, Political Science, Humanities, and Health Sciences. We also consider students with Degrees on Food Technology, Marine Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Telecommunications and Navigation. Other qualifications may be considered appropriate in the opinion of the Academic Committee. A Master Degree on the above profiles is recommended. Students must have a good knowledge of English.

Application general procedure

Applications and registration for PhD programmes will be made using the online application system on the UDC website, accompanied by all necessary supporting documents. Applications and registration for external students will be made here.

If you need more information, you can check this sources the Application general procedure.

Applications procedure for students whose foreign degree/diplome has not been officially recognised

See EIDUDC Application and registration.

General procedure by the CAPD

See EIDUDC Application and registration.

Specific access requirements of the CAPD

The principles of objectivity, fairness, merit and ability shall be followed, and the following criteria will be considered:

  • • Curriculum Vitae of the applicants, with a consideration of previous Degrees
  • • Letters of endorsement of Teachers of previous Degrees. It is recommended that the student presents a letter from a potential supervisor from the PhD program in which he/she declares his/her willingness to supervise your PhD work. The list of potential supervisors of the program can be found at href="" target="_blank">click here.
  • - It is strongly adviced that the candidate includes a title and brief summary of the future doctoral thesis to help assessing whether it fits the contents of DO*MAR
  • - Prove knowledge of English
  • • Other academic and/or professional merits.

Initially, assessment will follow these criteria:

  • • The curriculum of the applicants will have a minimum value of 80 (out of 100). Rated records will consider the average values of the respective degrees.
  • • Letters of endorsement, personal interviews and other merits will be assessed up to a maximum of 20 (out of 100).

Applications must be made through UDC web page (Student’s Virtual Secretariat) and documentation must be delivered to the UADI of Faculty of Sciences.

The Academic Committe will publish provisional and final lists of applicants admitted to the PhD program in UDC’s web portal. Complaints to the provisional list must be sent to the UADI of the Faculty of Science.

Applications for part-time enrollment, modality changes, and temporary leaves must be sent to UADI of the Faculty of Sciences.


The application for admission (or registration renewal) and enrollment in PhD studies will be carried out according to the terms approved by the Governing Council of the UDC.


See information on how to register for UDC PhD courses.

Predoctoral grants

See UDC predoctoral grants.