PhD in Naval and Industrial Engineering



Students who meet some of the criteria listed in Article 15 of the UDC PhD Policies and Regulations will be able to access to UDC PhD programmes.


Candidates matching one of the general entry requirements for PhD students will be assessed in accordance with the specific criteria and merits for each programme. Information relating to application procedures and requirements are included in the programme structure for each course.

The decision to offer a student a place on a UDC PhD programme is the result of an application-specific evaluation process, and does not affect the academic or professional status of the candidate’s existing qualifications.

See also UDC PhD Policies and Regulations, Article 16: Applications.

20 places offered in academic year 2023/2024

Recommended profile of admission

Pre-Bologna degrees:

  • Industrial Engineer.
  • Naval and ocean engineer.

    Bologna qualifications:

    • Master in Industrial Engineering.
    • Master in Naval and Oceanic Engineering.
    • Master in Research in Naval and Industrial Technologies.
    • Master in Engineering and Industrial Technology.
    • Master in Naval and Oceanic Technologies.
    • Master in Photonics and Laser Technologies.
    • Master in Complex Materials: Thermal Analysis and Rheology

Application general procedure

Applications and registration for PhD programmes will be made using the online application system on the UDC website, accompanied by all necessary supporting documents. Applications and registration for external students will be made here.

If you need more information, you can check this sources the Application general procedure.

Applications procedure for students whose foreign degree/diplome has not been officially recognised

See EIDUDC Application and registration.

General procedure by the CAPD

See EIDUDC Application and registration.

Specific access requirements of the CAPD

The application for admission will be made through the Virtual Secretariat of the student and the supporting documentation will be delivered to the UADI of the Polytechnic Higher School.

The CAPD will publish provisional and definitive lists of students admitted to the doctoral program website, in the UDC study portal.

Claims to provisional lists will be directed to the UADI of the Superior Polytechnic.

The application for part-time enrollment, change of enrollment modality and temporary reduction in the program must be submitted to the UADI of the Superior Polytechnic School.


The application for admission (or registration renewal) and enrollment in PhD studies will be carried out according to the terms approved by the Governing Council of the UDC.


See information on how to register for UDC PhD courses.

Predoctoral grants

See UDC predoctoral grants.