Master's in Literature. culture and diversity

2023/2024 · 60 credits


The University Master in Literature, Culture and Diversity is an official degree to be completed in 60 credits during an academic year.

It is taught at the Faculty of Philology at the Universidade da Coruña in two four-month periods: in the first one, mandatory modules are taken, while the second one includes the specialization module and end-of-master’s project.

This study is verified and published

This study renewed its accreditation on 28 January 2019.


Prices for Spain or EU resident students
Approximate price of one academic course (60 ECTS) for first enrollment with residence in Spain or EU
Prices for Spain or EU non resident students
Approximate price of one academic course (60 ECTS) for first enrollment without residence in Spain or EU
Offered place for academic course 2023/2024

Why study

Because it meets the needs of training university graduates in specific skills in order to research, know, retrieve, study and disseminate cultures and literatures from a position of respect for and promotion of cultural diversity.

Because it pays particular attention to the intersection of the Humanities and the Social Sciences, as in cultural and gender studies.

Because it has a comparative and interdisciplinary approach, and it deals with cultural, literary and interartistic studies from the latest theoretical paradigms and the newest methodological perspectives, combining them with traditional academic viewpoints of long standing and efficiency.

Because it grants access to the Ph.D. program in Literary Studies offered by the Universities of A Coruña and Vigo, which includes a wide range of research options (more information at

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Last update/verification ACSUG date 26/07/2011
Authorization DOG publication date 15/12/2011
Official BOE publication date 26/03/2012
DOG syllabus publication date 24/05/2018
BOE syllabus publication date 22/05/2018