PhD in Laser, Photonics and Vision



The PhD Program Lasers, Photonics and Vision is an inter-university program offered jointly with the University of Santiago de Compostela and University of Vigo.

It is designed for advanced training in the field of laser technology, photonics and vision. The ultimate goal is to provide training of scientific excellence for future researchers and professionals in this field, in response to growing demand for skilled photonics scientists and technicians into Spanish and European R&D systems

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This study renewed its accreditation on 26 January 2022.


Annual PhD tuition fees
Approximate price applicable to all students (non Spanish and non EU included). Secretarial expenses, school insurance and training complements (if applicable) are not included.
Offered place for academic course 2022/2023

Why study

In socio-political terms, the development of photonics related scientific and industrial sectors is of utmost importance on dealing with XXI century challenges. The European Union has identified photonics as one of six Key Enabling Technologies (KET), whose development will determine the competitiveness, productivity and long-term employment sustainability of European industry. Investment in these technologies will be given priority attention by european R & D + i policies , not only for its impact on industrial and innovation capacity of the EU, but also for its effect on social challenges such as efficiency and energy independence, health and health care or transportation among others

The program brings together human and material resources from several research groups of the three involved Universities in the areas of Lasers, Photonics and Vision. All of them have extensive academic and research experience, including management of numerous scientific projects, publication of scientific articles in high impact journals and supervision of many doctoral theses.

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This is an interuniversity study, in addition to University of A Coruña, the following universities also colaborate in teaching:

  • Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
  • Universidad de Vigo


Starting academic year 2013/2014
Last update/verification ACSUG date 30/07/2013
Authorization DOG publication date 20/12/2013
Official BOE publication date 11/03/2014
BOE syllabus publication date 11/03/2014