PhD in Computational Science



The PhD program in Computing is an official university degree which addresses the research training in advanced computing. It belongs to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and has an important component of scientific focus in which the generation of new knowledge is given priority, without forgetting the innovative application of the existing knowledge or the entrepreneurial spirit. Its aim is to train in research methodology competences, to develop a high quality research work and to foster the generation and interpretation of knew knowledge by means of the elaboration of an original research work which constitutes the final PhD thesis of the student. More information in:

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This study renewed its accreditation on 01 July 2020.


Annual PhD tuition fees
Approximate price applicable to all students (non Spanish and non EU included). Secretarial expenses, school insurance and training complements (if applicable) are not included.
Offered place for academic course 2024/2025

Why study

The Ph.D. program belongs to one of the R&D&I sectors which is typically considered as crucial for the technological development of a country: Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The program is offered by the Computing Department, which constitutes a reference in its field, being the oldest and the largest among the university departments related to computer science in Galicia. It is also one of the main R&D&I assets of the UDC, with a high number of applied and fundamental research projects, together with contracts and agreements with other public organizations and private corporations and the active participation in the generation of spin-off companies in the technological sector. The Computing Department has a wide experience of researchers’ training, with a Ph.D. program that has been generating new doctors continuously since 1992.

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Starting academic year 2013-2014
Last update/verification ACSUG date 24/07/2013
Authorization DOG publication date 20/12/2013
Official BOE publication date 11/03/2014
BOE syllabus publication date 11/03/2014