Master's Degree in Gerontology

2024/2025 · 60 credits


The Master's Degree in Gerontology (MUG), with a long tradition at the University of A Coruña, begins its journey consisting of 120 ECTS (BOE of July 3, 2006), later reconverting to 90 ECTS (BOE of November 25, 2014), to finally adapt to 60 ECTS, which is the teaching load that will consist from the 2021-2022 edition.

With a triple academic, research and professional orientation, the Master is an interuniversity degree in which also participates the University of Santiago (USC), consisting of a common first four-month period and a second four-month period, where students can choose between the clinical specialty (UDC) and the social specialty (USC). In addition, students can choose the double specialty, for which they must complete the compulsory subjects of both specialties.

Once the MUG is completed, students can access the PhD program in Health Sciences.

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Prices for Spain or EU resident students
Approximate price of one academic course (60 ECTS) for first enrollment with residence in Spain or EU
Prices for Spain or EU non resident students
Approximate price of one academic course (60 ECTS) for first enrollment without residence in Spain or EU
Offered place for academic course 2024/2025

Why study

According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world's population over 60 years of age will increase from 900 to 2000 million, rising from 12% to 22%. In addition, aging is becoming faster and faster, and countries such as Brazil, India and China will increase the proportion of older people from 10% to 20% in just over 20 years. In Latin America and the Caribbean, it is projected that one out of every five inhabitants will be a person over 65 years of age in 2050 (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC). In Europe, according to the International Center on Aging (CENIE), in 2050 more than 36% of the population will be over 65 years of age.

Referring to Spain and within it to Galicia, it should be noted that it is one of the most aged regions, with a percentage of people over 65 years old, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (2019) of 25.2% (only surpassed by Asturias 25.7% and equal with Castilla y León, 25.2%).

Given this situation of population aging, it is necessary that society incorporates professionals in the field of Gerontology and / or Geriatrics, which, in addition to nurturing the current resources, can cover the needs identified, including the implementation of new resources, which equipped with properly qualified professionals, provide specialized care to the demand generated and to come.

This is an interuniversity study, in addition to University of A Coruña, the following universities also colaborate in teaching:

  • Universidad de Santiago de Compostela


Starting academic year 2021/2022
Authorization Xunta Council date 08/07/2021
Authorization DOG publication date 16/07/2021
Official BOE publication date 22/10/2021
DOG syllabus publication date 23/12/2021
BOE syllabus publication date 17/01/2022