Master´s Degree in Architecture

2023/2024 · 60 credits


A qualification for the exercise of the profession regulated of Architect, which must be attended after the Degree in Architectural Studies.

Our goal is to produce professionals who:

1. Have aptitude to project, draft projects of construction and, in a more general way, research, create and manage complex processes.

2. Know the history and the theories of the architecture, the arts, technology and human sciences related with habitation.

3. Manage city planning and its technics.

4. Understand relationships between people, buildings and theirs surroundings.

5. Resolve the problems of the structural conception, of the building technology and those of the different technologies involved on building in order to make them comfortable and climatic suitable.

6. Know how to satisfy the requirements of the users of the buildings in function of budget, regulatory requirements and the capacities of the industry of the construction.

This study is verified and published

This study renewed its accreditation on 19 July 2019.


Prices for Spain or EU resident students
Approximate price of one academic course (60 ECTS) for first enrollment with residence in Spain or EU
Prices for Spain or EU non resident students
Approximate price of one academic course (60 ECTS) for first enrollment without residence in Spain or EU
Offered place for academic course 2023/2024

Why study

El Máster Universitario en Arquitectura por la Universidade da Coruña, es la única titulación del Sistema Universitario Gallego que te permitirá el ejercicio de la profesión regulada de Arquitecto de acuerdo con el nuevo itinerario formativo establecido en la Ordén EDU 2075/2010

Cursar esta titulación proporcionará la aptitud para investigar, crear y gestionar procesos complejos en la realización de proyectos arquitectónicos y urbanos.

Proporciona asimismo una gran carga artística, tecnológica, sociológica y humanística relacionada con el habitar.

Se profundiza en los conceptos estructurales, de la construcción y de las distintas tecnologías vinculadas con el proceso de edificación.

En todos los casos, se incide en los aspectos energéticos, de sostenibilidad y de atención a la diversidad.

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Starting academic year 2015/2016
Last update/verification ACSUG date 23/03/2015
Authorization Xunta Council date 04/06/2015
Authorization DOG publication date 17/06/2015
Official BOE publication date 21/10/2015
DOG syllabus publication date 23/02/2016
BOE syllabus publication date 14/03/2016