Degree in Sociology

2018/2019 · 240 credits



Because it is necessary: The labour market demands highly specialised professionals trained to observe, diagnose and evaluate the processes of social development both in Galicia and other regions.

Because it is unique: It is the only Sociology Faculty in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, which enables a curriculum designed for the whole territory, concentrating efforts and synergies on our centre.

Because it is consolidated: The Faculty is already established and has extensive experience within the university system. It has stable staff and resources, excellent infrastructures, etc.

Because of its perfect size: The characteristics of the degree and the centre in question make up a perfectly sized faculty without overcrowding and with a suitable number of students, professors, departments, etc. all of which makes for an optimal relationship among everyone.

Because it is complementary to other degrees: The degree is a perfect complement to others in Social Sciences, such as Social Education, Social Work, Economics, Business Administration and Management, Political Science, etc.

Because it welcomes numerous international students: The number of Erasmus students who choose our centre for their studies has been increasing in recent years, making it one of the major destinations within the Galician university system.

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Prices for Spain or EU resident students
Approximate price of the academic course (60 ECTS) for first enrollment with residence in Spain or EU
Prices for Spain or EU non resident students
Approximate price of the academic course (60 ECTS) for first enrollment without residence in Spain or EU
Offered place for academic course 2018/2019

Why study


Personalised and quality training.

A modern centre and whith a high technological level.

A close and pleasant working environment.

A confortable city with multiple possibilities.

A modern degree with great projections for the future.

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Starting academic year 2008/2009
Last update/verification ACSUG date 06/05/2008
Authorization Xunta Council date 17/07/2008
Authorization DOG publication date 30/07/2008
Official BOE publication date 26/09/2008
DOG syllabus publication date 07/04/2009
BOE syllabus publication date 07/04/2009