Master's in Building Rehabilitation

2021/2022 · 60 credits


The Master’s Degree in Architectural Rehabilitation is a one year program. The aim is to offer an advanced training in the areas of inspection and intervention in the architectural heritage. The subject is very important in the current socio-economic situation, which has resulted in a drastic reduction in the building of new plant constructions.

The evidence suggests that this trend will at least be sustained in the medium term, although partially offset by the increased demand in technical inspection and conservation tasks, and the growth in construction linked to buildings’ refurbishment, renovation and restoration, more in line with the European alignments from recent decade’s architecture.

All kinds of forums have recognized the strategic importance of the rehabilitation in relation to the heritage conservation needed, but also because of its relevance to the growing demands in areas such as accessibility, livability, and energy efficiency. The professional competences necessary in this scenario require an extensive training intensification, in accordance with the learning standards and continuous update that societies require from their professionals.

Consequently, the current master’s degree addresses many issues related to the field of architectural rehabilitation, including both conceptual type aspects and purely technical nature aspects. Under these considerations, the program has been designed with a clear multidisciplinary approach, seeking to train specialist experts in a field that presumably will be a growing request.

Furthermore, this studies course presents another curricular side, the one linked to academic and research order issues, as it incorporates specific subjects about documentary and technological investigation techniques.

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Prices for Spain or EU resident students
Approximate price of one academic course (60 ECTS) for first enrollment with residence in Spain or EU
Prices for Spain or EU non resident students
Approximate price of one academic course (60 ECTS) for first enrollment without residence in Spain or EU
Offered place for academic course 2021/2022

Why study

Professional nature motivations: the Master’s Degree in Architectural Rehabilitation offers an advanced theoretical and practical training in the areas of architectural heritage’s management, building’s technical inspection, and its possible conservation and rehabilitation, according to a highly specialized multidisciplinary approach. It aims to train experts in the area, able to face the expected sector’s restructuring and the strategic objectives outlined in the Act 8/2013, from June 26th, of rehabilitation, regeneration and urban renewals according to the current European dynamic. In light of these considerations it is evident that the intent is to encourage higher employability rates among students.

Training nature motivations: the program offers a strong intensification of content in its subject area, developed by a faculty with extensive teaching and professional experience. Additionally, the master’s degree develops competences in the research field, constituting therefore an effective procedure by the time someone has to initiate it.



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