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Degree in Electrical Engineering

2017/2018 · 240 credits


Electrical Engineering Degree enables for the regulated profession of Industrial Technical Engineer (Order CIN/351/2009).

Besides professional careers, because of the adaptation of the titles to the European Space of Upper Education, this degree allows direct access, among others, to the Industrial Engineering Master (Order CIN/311/2009) , academic degree that enables for the regulated profession of Industrial Engineer.

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Why study

Electrical Engineering is a degree with practical application on the greater part of industry and society sectors.

You will acquire knowledge on:

  • Power generation: design of wind farms, solar thermal power plants, gas-fired combined-cycles, hydroelectric power station
  • Energy Transport, power lines, substations, transformer stations
  • Installations: heating, new forms of lighted up, home automation
  • Electrical engines, transformers

We offer you a labour world adapted training:

  • Technological meetings: an approach to engineering companies , institutions and students.
  • Practice in companies: complete your academic training with the labour experience.

It is a degree with high employment ratios, a profession with a wide spectrum of career opportunities, versatile and multidisciplinary, situated between the most required by the companies.

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Starting academic year 2010/2011
Last update/verification ACSUG date 29/07/2010
Authorization Xunta Council date 11/11/2010
Authorization DOG publication date 17/11/2010
Official BOE publication date 16/03/2011
DOG syllabus publication date 10/05/2011
BOE syllabus publication date 18/04/2011