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Degree in Nautic and Maritime Transport

2018/2019 · 240 credits


The studies of Nautical Engineering and Maritime Transport have scientific-technological profile and give access to the exercise, on board of the ship, of the professions of Chief Mate and Captain of the Merchant Navy.

The curriculum is designed to enable students to perform operational functions in navigation, safety and pollution prevention, personnel and all activities performed in a vessel.

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Offered place for academic course 2018/2019

Why study

The STUDY PLAN is designed according to international rules governing the formation of marine professionals, providing access to a labour market with high demand , with possibility to perform activities anywhere in the world and in wide range of sectors related with technological field.

A TEACHING STAFF HIGHLY QUALIFIED, with majority professional experience in the field of Merchant Navy and other maritime sectors, ensures teaching in direct connection with the reality of the sector, which is reinforced with a program of training at selected maritime administration, enterprises and ships up to 4 months .

The existence of TWO SPECIALTIES allows to guide your vocation not only to the field of Merchant Navy, but also to other activities of the maritime sector, where our students enjoy a high recognition.

Gives access to the Master necessary for the exercise of the profession of Captain.

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BOE syllabus publication date 18/04/2011