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PhD in Marine Science, Technology and Management



This PhD program is born within the International Campus of Excellence “Campus do Mar” to fulfil the aims of the three Galician universities and those from northern Portugal (Aveiro, Minho, Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro), the Spanish Council of Research (CSIC), and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), to create a doctoral offer with a global vision, multi-year planning, international in nature, and attractive to students of different nationalities.

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Offered place for academic course 2018/2019

Why study

This PhD program aims to train the best professionals and researchers in the various economic and social applications of Marine Science, Technology and Management, to generate research with international impact and to provide the industry with the best tools to enhance their global competitiveness.

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Starting academic year 2012-2013
Last update/verification ACSUG date 16/11/2012
Authorization DOG publication date 12/02/2013
Official BOE publication date 22/04/2013
BOE syllabus publication date 22/04/2013